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The 411.

It is your wedding day. You have fallen in love with your best friend, (and they’re super cool and awesome, right?)  And together, you want to do things a bit differently?

Well. Here's the low down on all that is wedding photography (in my opinion). If you are sitting back thinking "hell yeah" to most of these; than I think that, just maybe, you have come to the right place:

  • You realise that your wedding day can be full of individuality
  • You want to relax on your wedding day 
  • You don’t want to feel awkward and posed  
  • You appreciate art and photography
  • You would be ever-so-grateful to have some quiet time with that uber good-looking human that you just married
  • You want to have time to hug, laugh and dance with your guests 
  • You want to create new traditions
  • You make choices based on your personalities
  • You want images that tell your story and document the best day of your lives

Because it is all about YOU right? Right! If this sounds like you, then HOORAY – it’s so lovely to meet you!

My work gravitates towards unique couples, those who are brave enough to be THEMSELVES, don’t believe in rules and those who want to create new traditions (oh, and live happily ever after of course).


*Packages start from $3500. All packages are inclusive of high-resolution, edited images on USB. For more information please fill out my contact form