THE 411.

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/ noun (North American) informal
No. 01. Slang for 'the info'
No. 02. Asking for the low-down on something
'Damn that sounds cool,  I am gonna go get the 411 on that'

cool AF wedding documentary for the non-wedding-y, chilled-out-to-the-max mofos who appreciate all things style. The kind who are brave enough to be themselves, go against the grain, not give too many hoots about what anyone else thinks and want to stick it to the man and create their own traditions. Oh, and obviously those who really dig each others personalities and love each other and just want to celebrate with a freakin’ rad bunch of friends; you know, the important stuff.

Keep on scrolling for the low down on all that is wedding photography (in my opinion). If you are sitting back thinking "hell yeah" to most of these; than I think that, just maybe, you have come to the right place. 

01. You realise that your wedding day can be full of individuality and style.

Question everything. If you don’t believe in a wedding tradition or fad, don’t do it. There’s no Wedding Rule Book Master coming to get you.

02. You don’t want to feel awkward and posed. Unless that pose is going to make me look seriously gangster, then I am down with it.

Your old awkward family photos from the pre 90s era are kind of funny now but you feel that you’ve done your time with the fake smiles and cupping your hand on your little bro’s shoulder.

03. You want to have time to hug, laugh and dance with your guests.

Your guest list writing skills are tight yo and there are some pretty awesome people on it, that you actually want to hang out with.

04. You make choices based on your personalities.

The venue, food, music and styling represent you. Your guests leave your wedding on a high because the entire vibe was a) killer and b) because it was 100% you!

Something about appreciating the beauty in imperfections

Because it is all about YOU right? Right! If this sounds like you, then HOORAY – it’s so lovely to meet you*Packages start from $3500. All packages are inclusive of high-resolution, edited images on USB. For more information please fill out my contact form. Because you don't want to get 5 years down the track and want to punch your own wedding in the face.