Image Credit: Glenn Weaver

Image Credit: Glenn Weaver


I’m Jenna Mason; a photograph maker, teacher and food enthusiast, based in WA. I am inspired by the wonderful world of photojournalism; a combination of art and real life. My family and friends are my world – my heart is full of crazy love for these people. I collect and have developed an obsession for second hand retro furniture, indoor plants and converse shoes. Other than actually being at home, I feel most at home in any form of creative space. I find happiness in the little things. I love walking streets that I’ve never been down. I try anything that is different and against the status quo. I’m a sucker for romance and fairytales, I cry at every wedding I attend. At times, I really do wish my life were a musical. I say 'cool', a lot. I teach high school phys ed which is completely random and grounding all at the same time. I am obsessed with Mexican food, bric-a-brac, sunshine, dance offs (of the Beyonce variety), dungarees, the sky and laughing. Travelling the world and meeting new people whilst making art with my camera soothes my soul. And finally,

I believe life is about finding joy in the journey and creating your own traditions and rules.

Real moments.

I like to tell stories. Capturing real moments is where the magic is.  I love weddings where every detail, guest and moment has a sense of place. 

Documenting truth.

I document truth by capturing candid images that reflect a couples’ individuality. I love non-traditional happily-ever-afters where couples are wed as the truest version of themselves. 


Taking photos makes me oh-so-happy and giving my couples a wedding album full of real moments makes me some of the best kinds of happy I know.