About me

Image Credit:  Glenn Weaver

Image Credit: Glenn Weaver

I’m Jenna Mason; a photographer, realist and food enthusiast, based in WA. I am inspired by photojournalism; a combination of art and real life. My family and friends are my world – my heart is full of crazy love for these people. I'm the biggest fan of second hand furniture, indoor plants and converse shoes. Other than actually being at home, I feel most at home in any space that has a shit hot aesthetic.  I love walking streets in old suburbs. I will wear anything that is different. I say 'cool', a lot. I teach high school phys ed which is completely random and grounding all at the same time. I am obsessed with Mexican food, the sun, dungarees, and just recently, renovating. I've been a successful pescatarian for almost three years. I once had a panic attack at an Italian restaurant because the waiter didn't give me enough time to choose my pasta dish. Order regret is one of my biggest fears. Sometimes l wish I could go back in time, when my only concern in life was trying to keep stick-on-earrings stuck on (gosh that was tough). Travelling the world whilst making art with my camera soothes my gosh-damn-soul, and there is no other cooler way to articulate that. 


Real moments.

Let me tell your story. Capturing real moments is where the magic is. My kind of wedding is where every detail, guest and moment has a sense of place. None of this magazine must-haves-at-a-wedding-checklist insert.

Documenting truth.

I document truth by capturing candid images that reflect a couples’ individuality.