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I’m Jenna Mason; a photographer, realist and food enthusiast, based in WA. I am inspired by photojournalism; a combination of art and real life. My family and friends are my world – my heart is full of crazy love for these people. I'm the biggest fan of second hand furniture, indoor plants and farshun darling. Other than actually being at home, I feel most at home in any space that has a shit hot aesthetic.  I love walking streets in old suburbs. I will wear anything that is different. I say 'cool', a lot. I teach high school phys ed which is completely random and grounding all at the same time. I am obsessed with Mexican food, the sun, dungarees, and just recently, renovating. I've been a successful pescatarian for almost three years. I once had a panic attack at an Italian restaurant because the waiter didn't give me enough time to choose my pasta dish. Order regret is one of my biggest fears. Sometimes l wish I could go back in time, when my only concern in life was trying to keep stick-on-earrings stuck on (gosh that was tough). Travelling the world whilst making art with my camera soothes my gosh-damn-soul, and there is no other cooler way to articulate that. 


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Some selected accolades


Graphic Design & Illustration Annual 2016

Vector Gold Design Annual 2015

Typographic Heart

Vanguard Noteworthy Opinion Art 2014

Graphical Taxonomy

Communication Arts

FPO Magazine


The Stylus on Paper


Beautiful Design Is

Twenty-Four Hours