holly and jarrod. bremer bay, wa.

So when I first posted about these mega babes Holly and Jarrod that you're about to totally crush on (hard), I said something along the lines of "If I had a book titled 'Cool AF Weddings of Ridiculously Epic Rule Breaking and Genuine Laid Back Awesomeness' these guys would be on the front cover". I've decided since then they would also feature in some of the following items listed in the contents page of said book:

1.  How to get married in the pouring rain and not let it phase you 
2. 'Stick it to the Man (or tradition) 101' and see each other before the ceremony
3. Cool AF attire choices that assist in you looking hot AF (all of the converse, all of the hats and all of the FLARES)
4. You Had Me at Cactus (because cactus' are life)
5. The Art of Group Hugs (and Stalking)
6. How to adjust your dance moves for wet surfaces and still totally kill it

Featured.Jenna Mason