hello. i live here.

This year I’ve developed an addiction, an addiction to learning.

I took a leap and immersed myself in to the connection revolution that is the creative entrepreneurs world; majoring in photography and minoring in, LIFE. I was a little nervous and a lot anxious, but like Seth Godin said: “Anything worth doing is going to make you feel fear”, right? He was so right!

It started in the ever so wonderful Byron Bay. I traveled solo (which was a first for me) and headed east to attend Art and the Heart – A Photography Workshop by Samm Blake and Dan O’Day. Best. Decision. Ever. Made. like EVER. I met some of the most wonderfully inspiring, super fabulous and creative people on the planet and shared in something seriously awesome (it’s one of those bonding experiences that is hard to explain if you weren’t actually there). Yes, I learnt everything you could ever want to learn about photography and business, but the most important thing I learnt was how to create a life.

To create a life I wanted to live, I had to craft my business to suit. After all, you don’t work for your business, your business works for you. I needed to be true to myself, I needed to breath some life in to my brand.

Branding is a concept that can be elusive to many, but it’s a key element that touches every aspect of your business. A brand is more than your logo. Your brand is evident through your niche, your technical style, your website, the way you interact with clients, and so much more. When you develop your brand, you develop the identity of your business.

Because of Art and the Heart (and I must send a massive shout out and high five to Samm BlakeDan O’DayTodd and Alyda McGaw and all of the AATH’s for inspiring this change) I have realised that the more I learn about myself, the more I learn about, not only what, but who I want to be as a photographer. I learnt that I want to be me; I want my story to be told.

And so, Jenna Mason Photographer is born.

Don’t worry, I am still the same person, I take the same kinds of photos (although being around so many creatives makes you so inspired to get insanely better, which I’m totally working on), the only difference is that I now I am 100% me (with a different website and email address). Empowering stuff.

I am re-energized, focused, inspired and crazily excited to rock this wedding season’s socks off as Jenna Mason Photographer.


{Ps. If you have just joined me, the point of this blog post is because I used to be Jemima Photography but now you can follow me here. YAY. So lovely to meet you.}

Image by Dan O'Day Photography.

Image by Dan O'Day Photography.

Jenna Mason